BHC 729 Multifunctional Alkaline Water Ionizer Combo, Bonus, 2 Heavy Metal Screen Tests, Elegant Finish, Small Footprint, White

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Modern Design with Elegant Piano Lacquer Finish, Stainless Steel Spout.  Model EHM 729

  • 5 Titanium Plates with Platinum Coating for Better Ionization
  • Elegant & Solid CDC Touch Control Panel with Voice Assistance
  • 3.8 inch Colorful KCD Screen Display, Very easy to Operate!
  • pH range 3.5 -10.5 depending on water quality.
  • ORP range +600 to -500mV
  • Gloss White Color

Comes with 2 Sample Heavy Metal Tests

Water Alkalizer Combo with 2 Heavy Metal Tests


We are Authorized Re-Sellers for this model. We service the machines right here in the U. S.


1. 4 levels of Alkaline water, 1 level of Purified water, and 2 levels or Acid water.

2. 5 Titanium Platinum Plates

3. Power-Saving Mode

4. Automatic & Manual Cleaning System.

5. Over-Current Safety Protection

6. Ph range: 3.5-10.5

7. Small Footprint. Unit measures: 10 1/2" wide, 6 1/2" wide, & 4 1/4 " deep.  Lightweight. 

8. Filter Life 10-12 months depending on water quality.

Filter made of high quality activated carbon. Efficiently removes bad taste, odors, organic matter, residual chlorine & other harmful substances. This unit comes with a Water Diverter Valve for your faucet. Depending on your faucet you might be required to get additonal parts at a hardware store to complete the installation.

They are also other ways to hook up the unit without using your faucet if you have a spout on your sink, etc. Please consult with a plumber or someone with experience if you need to. 

If you have really bad water, pre-filters can be purchased separatly but not usually necessary. Call us with any questions on this unit at 800-799-2666.