Chlorine Test Kit, Easy fast test for your drinking water or liquid

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Test your drinking water to see if your filtration system is working correctly

  • Know when it is time to replace your filters
  • Simple and Fast test
  • Color chart has adhesive backing if you would like to stick it on another surface

You can check how much chlorine is in your tap water with using handy chlorine testing solution If you are using the filter for removing chlorine, it is a great way to find out that your filter is really working. If chlorine is still in your water it is an indication that your filter needs to be changed. How to use chlorine test solution. Add two drops of the Chlorine Test Solution to your water and invert or stir several times. Let the water set for one minute to allow the color to fully develop. Check the color to determine the chlorine results. Match the color of the result against the Chlorine Color Chart