Far Infrared Sauna Dome Elite with Metapad

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Sauna Dome Elite Metachamber with Infrared Metapad!

You get infrared heat from the dome and the pad that you lay on for Full infrared Heat Coverage!

Conventional saunas heat atmospheric air around the body, therefore the normal operating range must be around 180-230 degrees Fahrenheit to be effective.

Due to the high temperatures, most people exit a conventional sauna before it can produce any of the desired effects.

Infrared rays heat the body directly, which allows infrared saunas like our Sauna Dome Elite MetaChamber to operate at much lower temperatures of around 110-150 degrees Fahrenheit (although the body is heated to this temperature range, the heat producing panels of the MetaChamber remain warm to the touch and will not burn).

Furthermore, less than 20% of infrared energy heats the air, while over 80% directly translates into body heat.

This means that a longer time can be spent in a MetaChamber as opposed to a conventional sauna, and it can be spent with greater efficiency.

It may also induce 2-3 times more sweat volume and burn hundreds of calories in less than 30 minutes of use. In addition, infrared heat penetrates the body 2 to 3 inches, allowing the body to purge unwanted toxins and underlying fat more easily.

The lower heat range of the Sauna Dome Elite MetaChamber makes it a safer choice, while the deep penetration and large amount of sweat produced makes it a healthier choice.

All this combined with high quality and competitive price our Sauna Dome MetaChamber the RIGHT choice!

Warranty: 1 year on Controller units and 2 years on heater.

Improve Skin
The MetaChamber's thorough heating of the skin causes your natural cooling mechanisms to act. As you sweat, your pores open up, and excess dirt or particles are washed out, leaving you with clean-feeling, radiant skin. The increased circulation that is required to cool your body also brings vital nutrients and proteins to skins surface.

Boost Metabolism and Strengthen the Cardiovascular System
Using the MetaChamber causes the rate of blood circulation to increase, similar to a regular cardiovascular workout such as jogging or swimming. Heart rate, metabolic rate, and cardiac output increase, while diastolic blood pressure drops, which results in a stronger cardiovascular system and a more physically fit MetaChamber user.

Burn Calories and Control Weight

Perspiring requires your body to burn calories, and because of this, the MetaChamber can help you burn up to 600 calories in one 30 minute session, the equivalent of jogging or rowing for the same amount of time.

Remove Toxins
The human body uses perspiration as a method of clearing the body of toxins. However, most toxins are locked in fat cells deep under the skin. Rigorous exercise for extended lengths of time is an effective way to cause this kind of deep sweating. The Metachamber is the other way. MetaChamber promotes this natural process by triggering perspiration from the inside out. Sweat from deep glands pulls dangerous toxins and fat to the surface. In addition, the deep penetrating quality of infrared heat will help clear up cellulite and release built up toxins through the pores.

Relieve Pain
The deep heating from the Metachamber dilates blood vessels. This brings relief to muscles and soft tissue injuries. Increased circulation brings oxygen rich blood and nutrients to clogged areas to speed up the bodys natural healing process.