Better Health Company Mouth Guard. Reduce or Eliminate Snoring, Bruxism

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Custom Mold, Helps with Bruxism and TMJ Symtoms, Stop Clenching! Re-Moldable!

Just Boil in water and then bite down on mouthpiece to form a comfortable mold customoized to your bite

Prevents Teeth Grinding at Night

Simple Solution for Bruxism and Snoring!  30 day money back Guarantee!

Comes with Free Quality Travel Case. Take it Anywhere!

Take control of you sleep. Stop painful grinding, clenching, bruxism, TMJ, and other sleep issues. Includes 1pc anti snore Quality mouth piece +1pc tray storage+1pc plastic depressor. Made of food grade EVA material, bite mold and re-moldable. Comes with Free storage box to keep mold clean. Lasts for years! Enjoy a more restful sleep. It is a Quality Product but might work better for some people than others. 30 day money back Guarantee.