Extra Large Ionic Cleanse Detox Promotional Package to Increase Sales

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The Ultimate Package to Promote Your Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot Baths

  • Includes 3, 11 X 17 Full Color Glossy Laminated Promo Posters
  • You also get 100 Full Color Glossy Tri-Fold Promo Brochures, Info sheets & Client Release Form
  • Also, 20 of our new 16 Page Regain Health & Vitality Detox Foot Spa Booklets!
  • This package gives a complete understanding of Why to Detox and How it all Works!
  • You get an extra poster, twice the amount of Brochures & Booklets all for less than 1/2 the price of what the extras would cost.


Increase Your Understanding & Promote Your Detox Foot Spa Sessions. 
Ionic Detox Poster contains pictures of foot bath session, toxic symptoms, color chart, pictures of blood under a microscope before and after foot baths. 
Heavy Metal Detox Poster contains Reasons for doing a Detox, How Heavy Metal are Absorbed, Symptoms linked to Heavy Metals, Success Stories, etc. 
Why Detox Foot Spa poster contains an explanation of why we need to detox, The Top Ten Reasons for using the Ionic Cleanse Detox System, Color Chart and explanation of colors. Plus Other pictures to create more understanding and interest in Detoxing! 
The Tri-Fold Brochures contain info on what a Foot Bath Detox is, Pictures of Detoxing, the Science Behind the Machine, 10 Reasons to do a Detox, Color Chart, etc. 
16 page Promotional Booklet Subjects are:

1. Why do we need to detoxify.

2. Top 10 reasons for using the Ionic Cleanse Detox System.

3. What do the color changes in the water really mean.

4. How does the Ionic Cleanse Detox Machine Work.

5. Types of Ionic Cleanse Machines.

6. How often should I use my Detox Foot Spa.

7. Precautions.

8. Questions & Answers.

A Great Booklet to Increase Understanding and Educate Your Patients & Clients. You also receive info sheets and client release form that you can copy.