Quality Sleep Nose Vents -Set of 4 - Less Snoring - Better Breathing - Free Travel Case - 4 Sets

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About the Product


  • SET OF 4 SOFT MEDICAL GRADE SILICON Nose Vents for Comfortable Fit - Hardly Visible!
  • MAXIMIZES AIR FLOW to Stop Snoring & Breath Better - Our Best Selling Nose Vent!
  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Just Contact Us, No Questions Asked.- Get a Better Night Sleep
  • FREE TRAVEL CASE is included and 4 Sets of Nose Vents in 2 Sizes
  • AS SEEN ON TV!  BPA FREE  The Answer to your Snoring Problem

OUR BEST SELLING ANTI SNORING NOSE VENTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON! Newly Developed for 2015 with Softer Medical Grade Silicone. You get 4 sets of Nose vents. 2 Large Size and 2 Small Size. Each size includes one Vent with Raised Rings around it for better support when you have nasal congestion and one Vent with a smooth soft finish for a comfort fit. These vents are Scientifically Designed to Maximize Airflow & Strengthen Nasal Passages over time. INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE ARE: 1. One Large Size Vent with Raised Rings for Better Fit 2. One small Size Vent with Raised Rings for Better fit. 3. One Plain Smooth Large Size Nose Vent 4. One Plain Smooth Small Size Nose Vent 5. ONE FREE TRAVEL CASE! Try them Today and get a better nights sleep than you have had in a long time. Use the product for a while to get used to it.