Regain Vitality Hand Therapy Stress Relief Ball 2 PACK - Hand Exercise & Strengthening

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2 blue stress balls
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REDUCE STRESS, 2 BALLS - Increase Blood Flow Through Your Hands, Arms, & Fingers

  • FUN & DURABLE with a Sturdy Therapeutic TPR Gell Core with a Tear Resistant Lycra Fabric
  • INCREASE STRENGTH TO JOINTS & MUSCLES While Working! 1 Year Warranty!
  • YOU WILL RECEIVE 2 TWO TONE COLORED Stress Balls in Clear Poly Bags!

EFFECTIVE STRENGTHENING & RELIEF MADE SIMPLE. COMES WITH FREE EXERCISE GUIDE! SAVE MONEY & BUY THIS 2 PACK. Our Regain Vitality Ball is approx.; 5.5cm or 2.25 inches in Diameter. Durable TPR Gel Creates Targeted Support with 44 Percent Energy Return! Covered in Lycra Fabric Known for its Exceptional Elasticity. Fabric Feels Great in Your hands. Our Stress Ball also Floats on Water. Strengthen your Hands, Forearms, & Fingers While Relieving Tension of Mind & Body. Perfect Ergonomic Size. 2.25 inches in Diameter. Will fit almost any hand size. For Adults & Kids. Strengthen Muscles & Joints and Relieve Tension at the same time. 1 year Warranty. The muscles in your hand can become weak over time for various reasons. Overuse or Not enough Use, fractures, sprains, arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, etc. Squeezing a Stress Ball can help strengthen and get your hands back to the way they should be. It can also decrease stress and tension and give you better sleep and an enhanced general feeling of well-being.