Water Filter Pre-Filters

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These 3 Pre-Filters can be used with any Water Ionizer machine for Ultra Filtration!. 

Replace about once a year depending on usuage. 

These filters can also be used by themselves under your sink to filter drinking water. 

Comes with hoses. 

You might need some extra hardware dependig on the type of installation you choose.

Can be mounted on the wall or under the sink.

Self contained unit with:

1. PPF Polypropylene Filter to eliminate dirt, hair, dust, sand, pollen & pollution. 

2. UDF Active Carbon Filter to remove chlorine, organics, pestisides, chemicals, & heavy metals down to 5 microns. 

3. FCF Fiber Carbon Filter help remove organic & inorganic substances from the water. 

These are also replacement pre-filters for the model 719 water ionizer or any Alkaline Water Ionizer that need extra filtration.