Why Detox! Foot Spa Promotional Poster

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This is an 11 X 17 Full Color Glossy Laminated poster to promote your foot detox sessions.


1. Top 10 Reasons for doing a foot bath

2. Color Chart & explanation

3. The detox process and Pictures and explanation on how it works

Hang this poster where people can see it and it will generate a lot of interest in the foot detox sessions!


Back by popular demand.

11 X 17 Laminated Color Glossy promotional poster.

This Detox Foot Spa poster contains an explanation of why we need to detox, The Top Ten Reasons for using the Ionic Cleanse Detox System, Color Chart, The detox process, and explanation of colors.

Plus Other pictures to create more understanding and interest in Detoxing!

Increase Your Income & Understanding!

Hang these posters where people can see them and they will generate a lot of interest in the the foot detox sessions!

You will of course receive an original that does not say Sample on it. Cost is only $14.95 plus shipping.